Founder's Story

LAB Copenhagen Watches Founder Jens Ole Miang

The story about LAB Copenhagen begins on a day in 1970 with a young boy receiving a fine Seiko chronograph watch from his father, who had just returned home from the World Expo in Osaka, Japan. The mechanical watch made a great impression on the boy, sowing the seeds of what would grow into a passion for watches.

Founder Jens Ole Miang has now spent more than 20 years working with watches as corporate gifts, supplying countless customized logo watches to companies around the world. As a watch enthusiast and collector, Jens Ole Miang’s work has always been accompanied by an unwavering dedication to each individual watch. He travels far and wide to experience original pieces first hand, staying at the forefront of the latest trends and witnessing every detail up close.

Miang’s deep professional and passionate insight into the universe of watches led him to wonder why people did not have the option of designing their own watches.

By founding LAB Copenhagen, Jens Ole Miang set out to provide such an opportunity for other watch enthusiasts. His knowledge of the industry and direct contact with quality suppliers around the world has eliminated the need for costly middlemen and made such watches possible at a reasonable price.

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