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LAB specifications

The steel, the sapphire crystal, the movement, the strap and the design. Immerse yourself in discovery of LAB's details.
LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Case Stainless Steel
The Steel

We've chosen one of the hardest and most corrosion resistant metals around for the watchcase. It's called 316L stainless steel - also known as surgical steel.

For the coloring of the steel we use PVD coating (rose gold and gun). With Physical Vapour Deposition coating the color penetrates the surface of the steel and is nearly impossible to wear off.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Sapphire Glass
The Sapphire Crystal

LAB's glass is sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is known for having a hardness close to a diamonds. It's extremely scratch-resistant and has a very fine optical transmission as well.

Sapphire crystal is rather expensive - especially compared to hardened mineral glass (the most commonly used glass in present watch production). But we're not compromising. Only the best is good enough for LAB. 

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Design Yours
The Movement

The movement from japanese Seiko delivers supreme precision and premium quality. We chose their battery-driven VD78 quartz movement known for its operational reliability and longevity.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Design
The Design

When it came to the design of the watchcase we went for a combination of classic and modern - timeless and changeable. LAB's expression can be modified almost endlessly.

The watchcase is designed by Jens Ole Miang in a process where possibilities and details have been thoroughly processed to create an effortless, generous and clear form. The curved sides of the watchcase continue into the similarly arched sapphire crystal. With your design choices and personal touch on the case back, LAB's harmonic whole is completed.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Specifications
The Watchcase

Choose between three colors for the watchcase: Stainless Steel, Gun PVD and Rose Gold PVD.

With 38 mm in diameter, LAB doesn't differentiate sex and thus is a good fit for both the male and female wrist.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Case Stainless Steel PVD Gun PVD Rose Gold
The Straps

The strap is easily interchangeable on LAB and you can choose among 10 different ones. All straps are hand sewn with tone-in-tone stitching on the side for a decorative touch. The backside is lined with soft suede for optimal comfort.

7 straps are made of italian suede, two of italian calf leather and one of pure grey wool.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Strap Quick Change System

Adapt LAB to a new mood or occasion in a moent's notice. The quick-change system allows the strap to be changed within a few seconds, without any use of tools.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Buckle Stainless Steel PVD Gun PVD Rose Gold
The Buckle

The buckle matches the watchcase color of your choice.

When buying an extra strap for LAB, you can select the color of the buckle.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Dial
The Dial

A classic watch displays the time with three hands mounted in the center: hour-, minute- and second hands. We divided the functions and assigned the second hand to its own elegant sub-dial, just beneath center. This attribute is mostly found in very expensive watches and the contributes with a pleasant dynamic when reading the time.

The sub-dial and 12 hour circle are sculpted and arches gently in compliment of the curved watchcase and sapphire crystal.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Dial Logo
The Logo

LAB is designed by you. That’s why we printed the LAB logo discreetly on the dial.

The same ink is used for the logo as for the dial. The print is repeated several times to lift it and create an elegant and subtle expression. 

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Crown Stainless Steel Gun PVD Rose Gold PVD
The Crown

The crown is almost twice the size of what's considered standard in watch production. The oversized crown increases functionality and adds character and will to LAB. We flattened the top of the crown, in contrast to the arched watchcase, and moved it 1.5mm away from the case. The LAB logo is repeated on the crown, discreetly.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Hour and Minute Hands
The Hands

We've given form to the hands, but you decide on the colors.

Choose between 5 colors for the hour- and minute hands.

And between 9 colors for the second hand. 


LAB is a watch built in premium quality using the best materials. LAB's potential to become your lifelong companion is therefore great.

Watchcase and hardware are made of 100% recycable stainless steel ♻️ 


Straps are made from the best natural leather and wool available. The premium quality and natural materials constitutes a long-lasting and circular product.


Packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard from responsible managed forrests.

LAB is delivered with a 2-year international warranty. We are confident that you will treasure LAB and for this reason we also include a 100-day return policy with the purchase, even though your watch is one of a kind.

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Specifications

LAB by LAB Copenhagen Watch Gun PVD white black orange blue
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